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Tanesha C - 2004 Honda Accord

we spent our labor day weekend searching for a car. we've always owned Honda's (for as long as we both were able to drive). This is my 3rd Honda, and I'm very excited that we found Armadillo. It's a family owned and operated dealership; everyone we encountered were very welcoming and hassle-free. I mean NO PRESSURE AT ALL. Not to mention, our 1 year old was being a pretty loud guy that day and we didn't get any weird glances or side eyes; just a bunch of cool brothers (and pretty cool mother) that were pretty pleasant to our little guy. After visiting about 3 other dealerships we seen Armadillo as we were getting ready to get back on the road for a long drive back home (to Kent). The first car I seen was the Honda we ended up purchasing. My fiance' will be returning for a mid-size suv (probably the Pilot we also looked at). This dealership WORKS WITH YOU. The car needed a few minor repairs before it was considered PERFECT (new windshield, oil change and new sensor for traction control) and these guys offered to fix everything that day and we could pick it up in a couple of days, or drive it off the lot that day since it was drivable, and return at a later scheduled date to have the repairs rendered. We chose the latter, and everything they promised to fix they did. They even fixed something I failed to mention needed repair. We DID have to drive the car back out to them ourselves, but we didn't even think about having someone pick it up or having it towed since it was drivable. Even tho the warranty offers free towing. It didn't seem logical. But I guess if you're logic is opposite to ours you could give the dealership a low rate for being so far away.........on 2nd thought, nah, it's not their fault lol As stated in the beginning of this review, I'm thoroughly pleased and excited that I found this dealership. I believe we'll be long time customers.